RANGES - Live at dunk!fest 2018 [2xLP] (pre-order)

RANGES - Live at dunk!fest 2018 [2xLP] (pre-order)

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Ranges - Live at dunk!fest 2018 releases December 14th, 2018, by A Thousand Arms Music and dunk!records. 

180g Silver with White Splatter and Dark Transparent Yellow with White Smoke and Black Splatter vinyl with gatefold cover and upgraded cardboard.  

Album artwork by Error! Design.  Recorded live by Jannes Van Rossom in Zottegem, Belgium, on May 10th, 2018.  Mixed by Jannes Van Rossom.  Mastered by Jonas Everaert.

Limited to 150 copies of the US variant and 15 copies of the EU variant through A Thousand Arms.

All orders are pre-orders and are expected to ship by January 2019.

European customers please order directly from dunk!records:

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Track Listing

1 - Robbing Selected Peter To Pay For Collective Paul
2 - Crown
3 - Seven Sisters
4 - Called Not To A New Religion, But To Life
5 - The Greater Lights
6 - The Lesser Lights
7 - Seven Veils
8 - In The Arms Of Kings And Gods
9 - Babylon The Great, Pt. I
10 - The Ascensionist