RANGES - The Ascent [CD/DVD] (pre-order)

RANGES - The Ascent [CD/DVD] (pre-order)

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The Ascent by Ranges releases on December 14th, 2018, by A Thousand Arms Music and dunk!records.

The two disc set includes a reissue of The Ascensionist on CD, originally released September 22nd, 2017, and a DVD featuring Ranges In Motion, Ranges live at dunk!fest 2018, and Behind The Scenes of The Ascensionist.  Art direction and layout by L U X I N V I C T U S on 8 panel digipak packaging.

Ranges In Motion
A uniquely collaborative venture between Ranges and Raison D'etre Dance Project featuring contemporary dance choreography set to The Ascensionist played live in its entirety.  Multi-camera concert film performed at The Ellen Theatre in Bozeman, Montana, on August 18th, 2018.

Ranges live at dunk!fest 2018
Multi-camera concert film for Ranges set at the 2018 edition of dunk!festival in Zottegem, Belgium, on May 10th, 2018.

Behind The Scenes
A comprehensive look at the process of bringing The Ascensionist to life.  From writing and recording, to album production, to international touring, this documentary illustrates the steps taken on the path of what can only be described as The Ascent.

Immediate streaming access to DVD content will be delivered via email following purchase of The Ascent.  

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